Hot House Relaunch Special Offer: 50% Off!

The All-New Hot House: 50% off Promo!

Hi Affiliates,

We’re proud to announce that Hot House, “The Ass Authority” has had a complete and total makeover!

Over the last few months, Hot House has committed to producing content that not only celebrates the original Hot House style, but that also provides the best all-male ass action in the world.

To coincide with this new direction, the desktop and mobile tours have been completely redesigned and optimized to improve conversions.

The new, modern desktop tour is fully responsive for optimal viewing across multiple screen sizes and tablets. The site showcases the latest and most popular Hot House
and provides an improved user-experience.

In addition to the new responsive tour, the mobile site was also redesigned with a mobile optimized layout and improved functionality to better target the growing mobile market.

To celebrate the site relaunch, will be offering membership discounts of 50% off and $1 trials for all traffic from May 27 through June 12th, 2015.

Get ready to watch your conversion rate soar with, if you’re already using our hosted banners you will already see the promotional banners. If now you can grab the new banners here!

Get ready to watch your conversion rate soar with HotHouse!

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Introducing The Buddy Profits Content Promo Center


Greetings Buddies!

We are proud to announce the launch of a new affiliate tool, the CONTENT PROMO CENTER.

Designed to offer a lot of content at the click of a mouse from a single page, the Content Promo Center provides affiliates with an easy to use dashboard to preview and download promo content for specific sites, or groups of sites, including the ability to sort content by latest, upcoming and most popular releases.

With over 20 new video updates a week across our network of sites, the Content Promo Center offers a user-friendly tool to find the promo materials you need and that appeal to your traffic. The Center allows you to select individual or multiple sites, select site groups by type of content, or create and your own saved custom groups of sites in order to access the promo content you want as quickly as possible.

You can preview each scene, review and download details, and download promo content including video trailers, photo images, and linking codes to correspond with specific scenes.

The Content Promo Center represents the power of Buddy Profits 2.0, with a dashboard featuring live traffic, sales and revenue data, hosted banners, promo sets and more.

The Content Promo Center can be accessed through the Promotional Tools menu once logged in to For more information contact Ewan at

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New Site Launch –

Greetings Buddies,

We’re proud to announce the launch of our exclusive gay talent casting site – .

Next Door Studios has been releasing casting videos over the past few months as part of its original pilot series on Next Door World. The Next Door Casting series has become very popular among fans to the point where we received an overwhelming number of requests for a dedicated site and continuous releases (no pun intended). Fans of masculine, muscular, all-American fresh faced jocks and amateur performers will love the site and its budding talent.

The site features popular exclusive models, like Markie More, who help coach and test out fresh gay, bi and straight guys who want to audition and become Next Door Buddies. Their first-ever hardcore gay sex video experiences are presented exclusively on

Members of Next Door Casting get access to the Next Door Studios’ network of 16 sites, multiple weekly video and photo updates, and a library of more than 3,000 downloadable videos.

The site is now available for promotion at, where you can download promo tools like hosted banners, downloadable promo sets, promo codes and tube clips.

For more information, please contact affiliate manager Ewan French at ewan [@]


(Note: To access the links below, please enter your Buddy Profits account login and you will be redirected)
Click here for Next Door Casting hosted banners!
Click here to download the latest Next Door Casting promo content!
Click here to download upcoming Next Door Casting promo content!

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Next Door Twink – Step-Brat

Maybe Kevin Summers is still adjusting to being in a new home, part of a new family. Or maybe his bad attitude is due to the strict nature by which his new stepbrother, Johnny Torque, treats him.Today, Johnny happened to be walking by Kevin’s room when he noticed, through the cracked door, that Kevin STILL had not tidied up his room, even 3 days after Johnny’s father, Kevin’s Stepdad, had asked him. Johnny felt it was at this point that his duty as an older stepbrother was calling. He burst in and yelled at Kevin about the messiness of the room. Kevin did little but give Johnny a sass mouth and turn over on his stomach while listening to headphones. This really pissed Johnny off. He grabbed Kevin by the legs, yanked him close and proceeded to spank the boy. Kevin screamed in protest, but Johnny just smacked harder. Eventually, Johnny pulled Kevin’s pants down and ripped off his underwear.Swat after swat, Kevin shrieked in agony. Johnny’s spanking soon turned to fingering of Kevin’s asshole. Kevin knew this was wrong and told Johnny so. But Johnny retorted, reminding Kevin that it was ok since they weren’t real brothers. Kevin agreed to go along with the punishment and allowed Johnny to insert his fat, swollen cock into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin sucked his stepbrother’s dick and could feel his own cock growing.Johnny noticed and decided it was time to fuck his little stepbrother’s ass.Join these boys as they find a way to adjust to a new family situation, living under the same roof.ENJOY !

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High Performance Men – Beggin’ At The Table

Connor is hard at work or so it seems on his laptop while Armond is horny and keeps bothering him to get off the computer to fuck him. Connor isn’t having any of it and screams at Armond. Armond doesn’t care and instead looks at him from across the room while taking his clothes off to distract him even more. Then he crawls under the glass table and starts to play with Connor’s cock under his pants. Connor fed up grabs him by the arm and aggressively bends him over the table and shoves his face deep into this ass. He spits and cleans it up leaving it nice and lubed up for his hard cock. He grabs Armond by his jockstrap and forces himself deep inside pumping fast and hard. He picks Armond up and fucks him while standing then sits back down and lets him ride and grind deep on his dick. Armond is happy he finally gets his man’s cock inside him and Connor lays him on his back and releases a shower of a load all up and down Armonds chest. Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Roomies Bare It All

This was Cedrick Dupuy’s first time shooting porn with a partner. So, for the occasion, he wanted to hook up with his roomie, Sonny Stewart, as they are occasional fuck buddies and his presence would be a reassuring one for his first time. When they both arrived for the shoot, the guys wanted to take advantage of one of the first mild and sunny days of spring. Indeed, after a very cold winter, Montreal is awakening as the snow is almost all gone, the birds have returned, the maple trees are flowing with sap and the sun is warming the northern air. People were out and about after months of interior living.Before shooting the scene, we went out and took some pics in a nearby city park and tattered car port. The guys were randy and getting excited fondling each other and showing some skin out in public.Upon our return to the loft though, Cedrick and Sonny were eager to get into each other’s shorts. For this shoot the guys wanted to fuck as they do at home, and as they do only with each other, that is doing it bare. So, they went at it and Sonny took the driver’s seat, topping his roomie with his 7.5 inch cut cock. You could tell that these guys were in familiar territory as the chemistry between the them was tangible throughout the shoot. Cedrick was the first to shoot as his buddy Sonny was fucking him. Quite the load came gushing out of his sizeable cock. Sonny shot quickly after him, mixing his equally huge load of jizz with Cedrick’s as they kissed intently.

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Maskurbate – Sebastien’s Audition

Local rock star Sebastien took a break between his gigs to audition for Maskurbate. He found out about our mask concept and felt the need to fulfill his fantasy to strip and stroke his 8 incher in front of viewers. Sebastien is quite an exhibitionist on stage and off. Living the rock star life, he is used to have people fantasized about his body and being offered indecent proposals all the time, from both men and women. I must admit that I dreamt of sucking this dude for a long time now. He told me he was very open-minded so, I intend to call him back! Enjoy newcomer Sebastien!

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Icon Male – Billy Santoro & Jacob Ladder

Billy Santoro hasn’t confessed in a while, but he feels a lot of Catholic guilt about a big sin that he had committed over the summer. He was renting out his summer house and a young man came to see it. After showing Jacob Ladder around the place, the two sat down to chat. Jacob says he’s interested in the place because he’s trying to get away from his problems. Billy presses him about what’s going on, and Jacob confesses that his ex-boyfriend outed him to his family. The two get so wrapped up in conversation that Jacob misses the last boat out of the island, so he’s going to have to spend the night. Billy wastes no time to make a move on the beautiful boy. The two start kissing on the couch, licking and teasing each other until they’re both fully naked. Billy cups Jacob’s ass while sucking him off then flips him over to pin him down on the couch to have his way with him.Billy teases Jacob’s ass before sliding inside, making Jacob moan. The guys flip around and Billy bounces on Jacob’s cock. Then they switch back and Billy pounds into Jacob until bother guys finish by jerking themselves until they come at the same time.

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Active Duty – Cody & Tim

Our muscular stud Tim takes rookie Cody to task in his first duo, and while Cody’s a bit nervous to be getting down with another guy on-screen, Tim isn’t fazed. In fact, he might be getting off on being paired up with such a fresh young fuck, because his cock is hard as a rock as Cody reaches over and puts his hand on its throbbing shaft. Tim remembers how it felt as a first-timer to try to get your cock hard under pressure, so he bends down to give Cody some warm encouragement. Cody starts to open up and get a bit frisky, and sidles closer to Tim to repay his kindness, tugging on his hard cock as he chokes down Tim’s stiff dick. Tim guides Cody’s head so he can get blown just the way he loves it. Then Tim gently lays Cody’s body down flat and rests down on the bed beside him, mouth-to-dick, and the two go at sucking each other off hungrily.Finally it’s time to christen the rookie the right way. Tim bends over and takes Cody’s huge cock up his gorgeous asshole, and they give us a great view of both their beautiful, tight behinds as Cody slams back and forth into his buddy. His cheeks look especially luscious as Cody inches his thumbs closer and closer to Tim’s split open hole. Finally both bust their nuts on Tim’s abs of steel, and Cody grins, having made it through his first porn scene and loving every squirt of it.

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Raging Stallion – Dario Beck & Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross is a living anatomy lesson with his smooth and incredibly defined musculature. Dario Beck is in a daze of ecstasy while he sucks Sebastian’s thick, meaty shaft. Drool and cock juices drip down Sebastian’s crotch and get flung in different directions by his swinging balls. When Dario turns to display his furry ass, you can tell that Sebastian is more than ready. He aims his pole and drives it into Dario in a single thrust. Dario’s entire body sways and shudders. Beads of sweat fall from Sebastian’s inked pecs and splash on Dario’s muscled back. A change to missionary position offers better views of Dario’s hairy hole and Sebastian’s cock making full-bore strokes into it. Dario jerks his own cock to match the pace of Sebastian’s thrusts. Thick clots of spunk burst forth onto Dario’s lean, furred abs. Sebastian unleased his spunk and doubles the load.

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