Vintage Gay Loops – Out Cruising

Out Cruising

Crossing the Bridge after a long trip, Tommy takes his Camaro to the garage. The mechanic invites him to bring it in for a tune-up, but the car’s not the only thing getting an oil change!

With absolute privacy, Tommy and the mechanic quickly admit to a burning attraction. The mechanic quickly pulls down Tommy’s pants to discover a massive, manly tool. Being a grease monkey, he finds it easy work filling his mouth with it. He works his tongue all around Tommy’s cock, balls, and asshole, stroking while rimming.

All revved up, the mechanic bends over. Tommy lubes up, places his large hose in the mechanic’s gas tank, and turns on the ignition!

Tommy pounds away at the mechanic’s ass like a piston, but the mechanic proves he can give as much as he gets by flipping Tommy over and bouncing on the big tool himself. This is all too much for Tommy as he has to pull out and release his cum all over the mechanic’s back. Talk about a tune-up!

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