Vintage Gay Loops – The A Train

The A Train

Jimmy’s a student at the local college. Sam’s a teaching assistant in one of his classes. What no one knows is that every day after class, Sam follows Jimmy on the A Train over to his apartment, and a teacher gets schooled by his student…

Sam may know plenty about literature, but he has a lot to learn about dick sucking. Eager to learn, he presses his lips over Jimmy’s cock, and lets it all slide in his mouth. Jimmy’s a good teacher, guiding Sam’s head over his manhood.

When Jimmy can’t stand it any more, he drops a load all over Sam’s face, but it doesn’t end there! Sam, face full of man juice, grabs Jimmy, and teaches him how to take a hard dick in the ass.

Taking all that Sam has to offer, Jimmy backs up against Sam’s stiff tool. The feeling is too intense for Sam, and after getting Jimmy to ride the train for a while, he makes a big, wet splash inside Jimmy’s hole. It is time now for teacher and student to enjoy a nap.

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