Visconti Tripletes – Triplets Gone Wild

Triplets Gone Wild — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti

The Visconti Triplets invited their friend Andre over for a little afternoon fun. The guys are all on the couch flipping through a dirty magazine which, of course, gets them horny and ready to play! Wasting no time the guys start stroking themselves and soon Andre leans across Jimmy to get a taste of his hard cock while Jason waits for his turn.

Andre doesn’t disappoint and turns to Jason and sucks on his throbbing shaft. The guys can’t get enough and Andre obliges by taking turns sucking on both of them until he can’t take it anymore and bends over on the couch and Jimmy starts licking his asshole and getting him wet and ready for Jason. Jason has been wanting to fuck his friend for a while and takes Andre enthusiastically until Jimmy is ready for his turn. Jimmy moves in and glides his cock into Andre’s tight hole while Jason and Joey stroke themselves on the floor.

Finally, all the Triplets stand over Andre and cum all over him one after the other. Once the Triplets have released their loads and are satisfied Andre is finally able to cum wildly as the Triplets look on.

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