Next Door Hookups – Private Session

Cassandra Cruz has been booking appointments with trainer Vinny Castillo for about a month now. There seems to be some chemistry but the problem is that the gym is always so crowded. So Cassandra has a plan. She books Vinny’s last opening of the evening, and when she shows up, her top is already pinching up and starting to show a little extra something. Vinny notices and remarks that if she feels more comfortable, she should just take it off. Clearly her plan is working, and before she can even get the shirt up over her head, she can feel Vinny pressing against her back and kissing down the nape of her neck.
Jackpot! She springs into action and falls to her knees, pulling Vinny’s hard cock out his pants and taking it into her mouth. As he grows inside her mouth, she gets hot at the thought of his cock pounding her from the inside. He can sense her anticipation and flips her over, going down on her while stroking himself off, and then raising up he enters her as she is pressed against the punching bag. She grabs it with clenched fingers as he penetrates her and moves in and out, faster and faster with every stroke until he is ready to release all over her stomach with a single moaning emission, bringing this session to a creamy conclusion.

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