Scary Fuckers – Michael Troy, Brandon Still

The Doc’s out for lunch, and Michael and Brandon sneak into his office for a little proctological adventure! At first, they’re happy just monkeying around, but before long, these two young athletic men give into their manly urges and strip down. Showing off their perfectly shaped torsos, Michael and Brandon grapple for a little. Michael gets Brandon in a headlock, and takes the opportunity to move his head a little closer. Brandon doesn’t need much guidance, as he takes Michael’s cock and buries his face until his lips touch the base of it.

Michael, not being greedy, returns the favour. The two ripped men take their hormone-fuelled frenzy to the next level as Brandon bends over on the doctor’s bed, and lets Michael enter him. Hard. Moaning and begging for a deeper dicking, Brandon backs up against Michael’s hard, relentless, throbbing missile. After getting his juicy manhole throughly worn out, Brandon arches his back, and lets Michael cover him in warm, wet, sticky come.

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