Club Inferno Dungeon – Punch In : Punch Out (Scene 2)

Jackson Lawless & Jordano Santoro

Jackson Lawless is so fucking horny he can’t stand it anymore! He clears off his work table, grabs a nearby hammer, lubes up the handle, and hops on for a ride. Jordano Santoro comes in and catches Jackson with the hammer up his ass and he’s pissed. The muscular foreman orders Jackson down off the table and pries open his hole with his big meaty fingers. Jackson orders his boss to put on the gloves and shove his entire fist up his ass. The hardcore assplay makes Jackson’s cock rock hard. He pulls it out so Jordano can suck a load out of him while he fists his ass. As soon as Jackson blows Jordano tells him he’s welcome to play with his hammer anytime!

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