Men of Montreal – Sub Seeking Master!

This scene has an interesting twist. It was supposed to be a solo to introduce Hayden Colby to the site. However, when he arrived, he was presented to Marko Lebeau and admitted that he had a thing for him. Marko had just finished a scene an hour earlier, so doing a second scene in a day was a bit much to ask. But, we knew that Hayden had a bit of a domination fetish and Marko was willing to take on the role of bossing Hayden around and putting him through the grinder without going into a full-on sex scene. A serviced video with a twist. In fact, Marko has wanted to do a scene with Hayden ever since he met him…With a grin and evil eye, Marko decided he was going to blindfold Hayden and put him literally through the ropes. Hayden’s eyes lighted up and things got going. Marko held back from giving his boy any more information about what would happen, which only added to Hayden’s interest. As a guy who’s done porn on and off for several years, this was a new experience for him.Marko took charge and, quickly, Hayden got really excited. He was so revved up that Marko had to pace himself, so he wouldn’t send Hayden over the top too quickly. This only made the sub boy more excited and pumped. Using his mouth, tongue and fingers, a butt plug and dildos, Marko took Hayden for a trip that he was not going to soon forget. Moaning and groaning, our 28 year old bottom boy came intensely and ended up lapping up his own cum from Marko’s hands.It was clear that Marko enjoyed playing the bossy Master to a happily submissive Hayden. We’ll need a full blown hard core rematch between these two in the near future.

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