Fetish Force – Safeword

Rogue Status is Leo Forte’s prisoner, and it’s Leo’s job to make him talk. Rogue is naked with his hands tied behind his back and a black hood over his head. The wide black beltcinching Leo’s military fatigues sets off his hairy chest. And that grinning face tells you — as if his “Fiend” tattoo didn’t — that Leo intends to enjoy every minute of pain anddiscipline he is about to inflict. Rogue could stop it from happening just by uttering a single word: the Safeword. But he dares to have his limits tested. When getting his headheld under water fails to loosen Rogue’s tongue, Leo frees his fat cock and low-hanging balls from the confines of his pants and rams Rogue’s face full-bore. Rogue chokes up gobsof syrupy spit, which Leo rubs all over his face and bald head. The face fucking continues until Rogue is able to smoothly swallow it all without gagging. By then Leo’s cock is imposing its own demands, causing Leo to suspend the interrogation and give in to a gushing orgasm directed all over Rogue’s face.

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