Falcon Studios – Levi Madison, Randy Dixon

It’s first thing in the morning when sexy, hung Levi Madison is standing outside his tent. Randy Dixon is just getting up and his hard on needs relief. They kiss while they undress each other, then Levi’s cock appears and things are never the same. This guy has a whopper. When he wraps both fists around it, there’s room for another. Levi is smooth, slender and tan all over, with nuts sized to match his cock. Randy sucks enthusiastically, steadying himself with one arm wrapped around Levi’s thigh. has a butt so compact and tight, you can’t imagine it taking a really big dick. Watch the penetration shot: Levi’s cock is as fat as either of their wrists. But before the fucking commences, Levi returns the blowjob, letting Randy fuck his face deep and hard. Levi also wants to snack on that butt, and he spends a long time basting it with saliva, licking Randy’s pale buns and battering Randy’s hole with his tongue. The ass juices run hot and heavy when the fucking starts, with Randy taking the total length and girth of Levi’s monster — on his feet and on his back — until the two of them erupt in simultaneous hot, thick wads of juice.

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