Fetish Force – Race Cooper & Sebastian Keys

Red light flashing against corrugated metal is the perfect complement to the sirens that are blaring as the camera searches for the source of the groans we hear. The groaner is dark-skinned delight Race Cooper — on his back — and the occasion is Sebastian Keyes’ fist up his ass. Besides Race’s plundered butt we see the upraised soles of his feet and the white contrast of the naked man wielding the fist. Race lifts his nut sack out of the way and Sebastian scoops up more lube, using his gloved hands to tease Race’s dark maroon rosebud into emerging. Race lifts one foot to Sebastian’s face, and Sebastian kisses the sole and licks the toes as if they were licorice sticks. Race turns over. He is half upright, on his knees, his washboard abs perfectly illuminated. He leans back into Sebastian’s smooth chest as Sebastian continues to apply bursts of pumping action with his right fist while enveloping Race’s torso with his left arm. Sebastian nuzzles Race’s ear with his beard as Race shoots a white-hot load.

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