Men of Montreal – Kamal’s Casting Couch BJ

So Kamal Ali was ready to take his porn debut one step further and accepted to do a casting for Men of Montréal’s Marko Lebeau. Pushing back his reservations, Kamal accepted to let Marko give him a casting couch blow job. But, as part of the intro interview, our host observed that his casting candidate had put on an additional 20 lbs since his solo last month and Marko wanted to find out what makes this guy tick. In this respect, the tattoos tell the story of how this Moroccan Muscle hunk is striving to become a professional bodybuilder. As the one on his left forearm states “May all your dreams come true, except for one, so you will always have something to strive for”. And this is the motto by which Kamal lives his life. Fulfilling his dream has become his primary goal lately as he is bulking to reach 270 lbs. in the next few months, only to bring it back down to 215-220 in time for next year’s competition.To top off the interview, Marko questioned Kamal about a little accident he recently had. In fact, Kamal had arrived for the shoot with a bloodied eye, the result of a soccer game accident where his right eye was the bull’s-eye for a stray ball.Only then did our two stocky guys start making out, kissing and fondling each other. Marko then moved in for some heavy muscle worship. Responding to Kamal’s arousal, and his own, Marko then went down on Kamal, sucking and gagging on his bone hard cock. Marko’s servicing was clearly striking a sensitive note with Kamal. Once he got Kamal all hot and bothered with his skilful cock sucking, Marko then set his sights on our dark skinned bodybuilder’s ass, probing and lapping away at those hunky cheeks and hairy butthole with his long tongue.The guys moved from the couch to the corner chair, thus providing Marko with much better access to Kamal’s unwavering boner. It wasn’t long before our host’s cock sucking skills sent Kamal over the top, spreading a hefty load all over his abs and chest. Marko wasn’t far behind spraying his shiny white load all over the black carpet below. Only then did he tell Kamal that he was hired!

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