Falcon Studios – Angel Rock, Wolfie Blue

The shadowy figure descending the stairs is Angel Rock: naked and ready for action. His beefy body has pumped pecs with a wisp of hair. He turns a corner and runs into Wolfie Blue, likewise naked and hard. Their lips meet like this was destiny. Their tongues entwine as their cocks dock, foreskin sliding over foreskin. Wolfie has one need — to get fucked — which he signals by flopping on the bed and spreading his legs. Angel is eager to accommodate. The narrow head of his cock makes initial entry easy, but the shaft widens, and Wolfie gasps as his fuck chute is stretched by a thick, invading cone of hard flesh. With Wolfie’s cock wafting in the breeze, Angel can’t resist leaning down for a slurp. He alternates: fuck-suck-fuck-suck. Wolfie’s other hole needs attention so he spins 180 and lets his head hang over the bed for Angel to face-fuck him. Then to a chair for a sit-fuck. Wolfie’s prostate caves in to the relentless pounding, causing his balls to spew their load across the room. Angel follows suit, basting Wolfie’s face with jism, then licking it up.

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