Raging Stallion – Jake Genesis & Brayden Forrester

His hair body is perfect, his face is intense and his cock is hard. You can tell that Jake Genesis needs an ass to fuck. He stares at Brayden Forrester, wondering if he’s the one. Brayden closes the distance between them. He wants the cock Jake is stroking, but he must earn it. A tongue bath does the trick, wetting and savoring the hairs on Jake’s body, from chest to armpits to thighs. Driven to see the ass he intends to fuck, Jake splits the seam of Brayden’s pants to reveal their hot center. A core test of Jake’s tongue sends yes messages to his cock, so he rams Brayden’s hole without bothering to undress him. That comes later, when bothersome clothes are stripped away. Brayden sits on Jake’s lap; his body is a mass of muscled flesh covered with hair. Savoring memories of Brayden’s mouth and tongue, Jake wants to feel them again. He offers Brayden his ass, which Jason savors as if it were food of the gods. Jake does the same, sucking Brayden and eating his ass, which inspires Jake to reclaim Brayden’s insatiable hole with his huge meat. Their bodies flow in intense crashing waves until Brayden erupts onto his furred chest, and Jake matches him drop for drop.

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