Falcon Studios – Jack Patrick & Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman and Jack Patrick appraise each other through their clothes, but it’s better when the clothes come off. Jason is the hairless muscle stud who grips the sides of the staircase like parallel bars, lifting himself into the air while Jack sucks his dick and nuts. Jason’s glutes are high, round and tight … and Jack fingers his burning hole like a drill. Jack grabs Jason by the waist, offers a kiss and leads him downstairs for Jason to take a turn sucking. Jack’s assessment: ‘You’re pretty good at this.’ The hollows in Jason’s cheeks and the heaving of Jack’s pecs lend support. Then Jason jumps Jack’s bones, with his hole landing squarely on Jack’s cock. From here on, Jason takes charge, fucking himself with Jack cock as if it were a living dildo. Every direction, every angle, every speed. He could patent it and call it the hole workout. Even when they switch to doggy, Jason is gripping his glutes, clamping his hole down on Jack’s cock and rocking his ass to meet the thrusts of the cock barreling down his innards. Jack’s cumshot paints a white line down Jason’s spine while Jason, who has been jacking his cock frantically through the entire fuck, squirts massively onto the floor.

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