Fetish Force – Leo Forte & Ben Reyes

The most devilish grin in porn belongs to Leo Forte, and it’s being directed at Ben Reyes, the smooth brown-skinned Latin with Leo’s fist and forearm up his butt. Leo is naked and half-hard, whispering to Ben as he inserts a second gloved hand, then begins a driving left-right-left that brings a wide grin to Ben’s face. Leo uses six fingers to dilate Ben’s hole, stretching it until its cavernous walls catch and reflect the red light around them. He spins Ben into a shoulder stand, bracing his cock against Ben’s tailbone to savor the benefits of some slippery friction while continuing to alternate fists in Ben’s hole. Pumped pecs, a tapering waist and a furry chest make Leo a hot package and the word “Fiend” tattooed on his left arm makes one wonder what else he can deliver. Giving Ben’s hole a rest, Leo lubes his left foot … and Ben sits on it. This is no garden-variety toe fuck but Leo’s entire foot. While Ben bounces to orgasm in ecstasy, Leo jacks off, cumming on his muscular thigh.

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