Falcon Studios – Brandon Lewis & Marcus Mojo

Brandon Lewis can’t keep his eyes off Marcus Mojo as the young buck stands under a relentless waterfall. His muscled body glistens with the falling sheets of water and all Brandon can do is watch and whack off. Soon the men are kissing under the pouring shower, their toned torsos meshed tightly into each other. Wanting more, Brandon goes down on his buddy sucking down his engorged cock. Marcus responds and gets his licks in, deepthroating Brandon’s thick shaft and tongue-tickling his balls. Both men are drowning in lust when Brandon begins fucking Marcus up the ass, making him ooh and ahh with every deep plunge. Marcus then skewers himself down on his partner’s cock and rides it hard. Brandon pumps in and out even faster to heighten the friction. Finally sitting side by side, they jack themselves off until they both cum. Marcus roars as he squeezes out his load and Brandon discharges an even larger blast causing them both to laugh after their successful and satisfying tryst.

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