Club Inferno Dungeon – Last Call For Handball (Scene 2)

Drew Sebastian heard that if you want some extra service along with your cocktail you head to the bar on the back patio. The masculine fist-pig kicks back on a bar stool smoking a cigar and stroking his gigantic pierced cock. No one can resist that fat monster and bartender Brian Davilla is no exception. He gets on his knees and does his best to fit the whole thing in his mouth until Drew tells him he’s got a surprise for him: a pair of black fisting gloves shoved up his ass. Davilla pulls on the gloves, greases up Sebastian’s greedy hole, and works his fist up inside. Before you can say ‘last call’ Davilla has his arm up Sebastian’s ass to the elbow. The twisted handballers move over to the bar where Drew hops on Davilla’s arm and bounces up and down while Davilla sucks his fat cock. Brian decides to cool down Drew’s burning rosebud by emptying a shaker of ice down his back and shoving the cold metal cylinder up his ass.

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