Men of Montreal – Make That a Large Please!

Pink Balls everywhere! This was Tyson Tyler’s first time in Montreal and Félix Brazeau decided to take him around the Gay Village to get a taste of the city’s hospitality. Tyson was overwhelmed by the bevy of hot guys and by how Montreal decks out the Village for the summer months. In fact, from May to September, Ste-Catherine Street, the main drag in the Gay Village, is closed to vehicular traffic on a stretch of almost 1 mile long, as restaurant, café and bars set up exterior store-front patios under a 14 block rooftop stringing together over 200,000 pink balls.Among the hot guys that Tyson was spotting was none other than his scene partner of the day, Félix Brazeau. It was interesting to have these two talking as Félix’s English is pretty decent, but we thought that being accustomed to English Canadian and American accents, he would struggle with Tyson’s Manchester intonations. No such problem as they chatted comfortably, and ultimately, the language of sex prevailed!Félix was both intimidated and excited about Tyson’s 10” dick. So it wasn’t long before the conversation focused on our guest’s massive uncut tool. This was clearly Félix’s largest dick ever and he appeared up to the challenge of taking it up his butt. In fact, I think that this massive stick made him even more eager. After their walk in the Village and chat in the park, they headed to the loft and went out on the deck to get things going. In a matter of seconds, Félix was on his knees sucking away at Tyson’s ebony dick, making great efforts at deep-throating his way as far as he could. They moved to the chaise lounge to give Tyson full access to Félix’s stiff rod. Loving every second of this servicing, Félix moved in to straddle the chaise and started face fucking Tyson’s mouth. Tyson was quick to move in sync. The cock sucking was intense and so was the heat outdoors. So the guys moved inside.After some kissing and mutual jacking off by the jukebox, Tyson bent Félix over the back of the sofa and started playing with his partner’s butt hole, prepping it for his cock. He then shoved his dick into Felix’s ass and started fucking him intensely. Félix didn’t miss a beat and joined in Tyson’s rhythm. You could tell by our French Canadian’s facial expressions that his ass was taking a beating. Tyson then stopped and pushed Félix over to the other side of the sofa as he moved to join him. Our friendly Brit then sat down and had his bottom man sit on his tool. Félix was bravely taking it all in. Félix’s ass loves a good fucking and he was keen to unload. He wanted Tyson to drop his load on top of his own, so the guys moved into position and each came on after the other, mixing their baby batter as one.Next on Tyson’s Montreal hit list is Christian Power!! Stay tuned.

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