Falcon – Connor Maguire & Jackson Taylor

Connor Maguire assumes the role of top man in a sultry bedroom encounter with dick-hungry Jackson Taylor. Jackson is smooth and slim, with perfect hair and ass cheeks. They stand naked, clasped in each other’s arms, kissing. They fuck each other’s mouths with their tongues. Jackson then puts his tongue and lips to work on Connor’s cock, in a slow, titillating display of oral expertise that leaves young Jackson’s ruddy cheekbones hollow from suction. Jackson’s wide doe eyes look up for approval, and they get it from Connor moaning and grasping him by the hair and pushing his cock deeper into Jackson’s throat. Connor sits in a nearby chair and Jackson climbs aboard his cock for a lap dance. Jackson’s ass is so tight it doesn’t even ripple as he works it in every direction. Connor rises to his feet and fucks Jackson in midair, then tosses him onto the bed, plunging him to a noisy, breathy cum shot. Exhausted, Jackson sucks Connor to a wet climax that lands in his mouth.

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