Club Inferno Dungeon – Last Call For Handball (Scene 3)

Sometimes a young pup like Preston Johnson needs a more experienced daddy to show him the ropes and Christian MItchell is just the man for the job. As soon as the bar closes MItchell opens his hole for Johnson to show him how to take it like a man. In no time Preston has worked both gloved hands deep inside his buddies hole – seems like he’s catching on. Next it’s Johnson’s turn so he hops up on the bar and lies back so Mitchell can see what he’s working with. The seasoned handballer drenches Johnson’s hole with thick white lube and slowly works his fingers then his entire hand inside the kid’s ass. Johnson’s moans encourage Mitchell to keep massaging his prostate until it’s time to show the boy who’s boss. He rolls his rubber gloves up into a ball, sticks them in Johnson’s ass and forces him to guzzle the lube straight from the bottle.

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