Men Over 30 – In Passionate Fashion

It’s two guys who know how to really crank up the sexy. Jace Chambers is welcoming Max Hardin, a first timer at Men Over 30. As you can see, Max is a true fiend for the cock. It turns out especially the one attached to Mr. Chambers. They’re starting out slow and passionate, kissing deeply on the sofa. Then Max goes down for a good taste of Jace’s mammoth dick. He’s going all the way, letting Jace’s erection slide down his throat. Jace likes the way Max handles an unusually big dong. He’s surely a connoisseur of dongs to display this level of sucking skill. Then Jace is getting a mouthful of Max’s stiff piece. Jace sure can slurp some hard meat! See him have his way with Max’s sweet hole when he gives it a thorough licking. Watch Jace stuff his huge dick into Max’s eager ass and pound it good. It’s a super hot, very sexy encounter with these incredible guys. Enjoy!

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