Next Door Ebony – Apex

Built solid as a rock and ready to please, Apex is a stunner with a wild side. A brick house of a man, he strips off his shirt to reveal his massive chest and gets right to fondling himself, unfurling his cock as he sits back on the sofa. Rubbing his muscles, he begins to harden up, and flips over to grind his meat into the sofa cushions until it is ready for some hand to hand action. His cock now fully attentive and staring back at him, he grips it by its shaft and begins stroking away, throwing one leg up on the couch and spreading as wide as he can, tugging on the piercing beneath his balls as he flogs away on the couch. Beginning to sweat now, he glistens in the lights as he comes close to losing his load, sitting up and spreading all the way as he picks up the pace, stroking ferociously until his hose sprays its contents all over his stomach, and he lays his head back against the cushion, out of breath and fully satisfied. Enjoy!


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