Falcon Studios – Richie Sabatini & Casey More

Doing the dishes earns Casey More a kiss and a neck massage from cute Richie Sabatini. Richie is too tempting, standing in the kitchen in boxer briefs, all smooth and hard like polished wood. The tail of a scorpion tattoo curls up from the waistband, so Casey reveals the scorpion and Richie’s erect dick. The dishes are forgotten as Casey swoops down to grab, then to sniff and suck Richie’s cock. Richie closes and eyes and swoons, a mantra of “oh yeah” issuing repeatedly from his lips. When it’s Richie’s turn to suck, he packs Casey’s balls and cock head in his cheeks and every time he draws back, Casey orders “put it back in.” The countertop becomes a fucking platform when Richie urgently slams his cock into Casey. Richie holds Casey by his feet as he drills through the swirling hairs that lead the way to Casey’s warm, tight hole. Casey demands to be spanked and smacked, and the sound of hands meeting moist flesh provides the soundtrack to two hot blasting cum shots.


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