Jocks Studios – Glen Santoro And Chris Hacker Fuck

Today’s lesson is ManLove 101 and both Chris Hacker (aka Colin Foster) and Glen Santoro are eager to get their schooling on course. Probing tongues and inquisitive hands launch the action as the pair passionately kiss and fondle each other. Glen proves to be more curious and he dives into Chris’s briefs pulling his fleshy sliderule out to suck on it. Getting facefucked hard proves to be such a mindblowing experience that Glen opens wide to guzzle cock down with gusto. The lesson intensifies as he soon lays back and surrenders his poop chute so it can get drilled just as fiercely. The guys screw hard and fast in a variety of positions and their heavy gasps and groans prove how exciting the action is turning out. Then Chris pulls his dick out and trembling with pleasure, he strokes himself to climax and cums. He stands behind his buddy offering gentle support and Glen continues to whack himself off ’til he finally blows his wad.

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