Promo Sets Tool: Now With Scene Deep Linking Codes!

Good News Affiliates!

Our new Promo Sets tool is now even better. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added the feature you’ve all been requesting. Now, your Videos, Photos or All Content zip promo packs will also include a file with your own unique deep linking codes so you can easily send your traffic directly to the scene you’re promoting! The file will include two codes so you can choose between 50% rev-share or $35 PPS payouts and will include your unique account id to track your sales.

Try it today and see just how easy it is to promote our latest scenes with this great new Promo Sets tool and deep linking codes!

Never used it before? Just log into your account (, click on “Download Promo Sets” in the left-hand navigation and shown below, and follow these directions:

**Please Note: Deep linking codes do not exist for all sites. In those cases, you will have downloaded a link to the home page with your affiliate code. Some sets only contain photo or video content, however they are a small minority. If you are encountering any issues, please contact

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