Men of Montreal – Turning The Tables? Nice Try!

Hot. Intense. And, steamy. We hadn’t seen Max Chevalier in a few months, but here is again, once more, in top form and ready to serve sneaky Félix Brazeau a lesson in who’s in charge. Félix is no slouch at 6’1” and 195 lbs., but Max definitely gets the upper hand in this scene and stifles Félix’s attempts at getting into his butt hole.In fact, in the opening interview with Marko Lebeau, Félix tells our host that he would love to fuck Max. “In your dreams” is essentially Max’s response, making it clear that he will have none of it. When the two guys get back at the hotel, Félix takes a shower while Max dozes off on the bed. Wrapped in just his towel, Felix enters the room and admires Max’s stunning physique lying quietly on the bed and resting. He reaches in his gym bag and pulls out an 8” dildo and acknowledging that Max refused him the right to fuck his hole, he rationalized that Max didn’t disallow the use of toys in his butt.Félix then tries to pry the dildo in Max’s asshole, but quickly our body-builder awakes and makes it clear that that’s not going to happen and then turns the tables on Félix. What comes next is nothing short of some hot domineering action by Max over Félix. Félix has become quite the bottom since coming onto the porn scene a few months ago, and Max makes it obvious that he is going to give Félix’s hole some pretty forceful attention.Max starts by shoving the dildo up Felix’s hungry ass. Our bottom dude squirms, moans and groans and prays for the attention that his hole is getting. His resistance is short lived and you can see that he is a willing victim to the pushing and shoving he is getting. Max is definitely in charge at this point and after the dildo play he serves up, he moves Félix into position so he can get a masterful blow job. Félix’s ass is still full with the dildo moving in and out of his ass while sucking on Max almost 8 inches of hard uncut cock. Our top then lies Félix down on his back so he can smother his victim’s face with his own butt hole. Félix is rimming his life away! Max turns around, telling his partner to work away on his balls. Felix obliges. It is then time for Max to lie next to Felix so the guys get into some serious 69 action.Kissing their way out of the 69, Max then instructs Félix into position on the edge of the bed for the fucking he is so desperately yearning. First on his back then doggy style, Felix is in bliss. Max is working up quite the sweat and readies himself to unload his jizz on Felix’s bouncing ass cheek. Having gotten the fucking from heaven, Felix ramps up himself to shoot his own load soon after. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the visuals from this hot action will certainly generate millions of words in thousands of lines of text on the web!

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