Circle Jerk Boys – Kolton Ray, Aaron Slate & Josh Hodges

New-comers all around this time on CJB, as we have three new guys on the couch ready to jack jack jack away. Aaron Slate and Josh Hodges have both partaken in something similar in their private lives, but for golden boy surfer Kolton Ray, this will be his first experience. You can sense his nervous energy, but it quickly dissipates when the pants come down and the cocks come out, as he steals a look over at Aaron, with his head back against the couch, flogging away at his hardening cock, while Josh sits on the end with a great view of all the action, his thick cock getting more and more firm by the minute. Once they are all hard, which doesn’t take very long, the guys stand up to compare cocks before Kolton sits back down to get to serious business. He throws his head back and lets loose a healthy load, as Josh does the same on the other end of the couch. Now it’s Aaron’s turn to complete the cum trifecta, which he does with his own sticky mess of a load. A good time to be had by all, and certainly one that each guy will be looking to replicate in the near future.Enjoy!

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