Club Inferno Dungeon – Fist Fuckers (Scene 2)

Aggressive fisting-top John Magnum may have met his match in Byron Saint, one of the greediest pig-bottoms in town. Magnum finds Saint on his knees with a huge bullet shaped butt-plug already shoved up his ass. Magnum punches the base of the plug then pulls it out and probes Saint’s hole with his greased-up gloved fist. Saint swallows Magnums fist and begs the muscular hunk to go deeper. Magnum pounds Saint’s ass and shoves his thick arm in half-way to the elbow, putting Saint’s anal limits to the test. The brutal manhandling continues as Magnum works both fists into Saint’s hole until neither stud can take it any longer. Magnum shoves the butt-plug back in Saint’s over-worked hole and jacks a load out of his huge cock, showering Saint in cum.

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