Next Door Male – Conner Hastings

Conner Hastings is a southern boy with a care-free attitude and a quick trigger finger. The kind of guy who is at home in the outdoors, we find Conner overlooking the hillside as he does his morning stretches. A tae kwon do black belt, he moves from stretching to some light warm up work on the back, running through a series of roundhouse spinning kicks and punch combinations, before leaning back on the bag to catch his breath and soak in the warmth of the mid-morning heat. He leans down against the bag, copping a squat as he slides out of his shorts, running his hands up and down the length of his body, teasing his cock through his shorts before pulling it out slowly and working it up with both hands. He starts slow, but quickly adjusts his pace and his intensity as his the head of his cock starts to shine and glisten. Conner wipes away a bead of pre-cum with his thumb before getting down to serious business, spreading his legs and working his cock beneath a tree, fucking his FleshJack until he sprays his load all over its open mouth.Enjoy!

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