Men Over 30 – The Extra Inches

Lucas Allen has been desperately seeking new employment lately. It seems he’s applied everywhere, but can’t nail anything down. But as he sits down with Joe Parker, Lucas gets the feeling like this might be the one!Joe explains that the company is looking for someone who’s willing to make that extra effort. In fact, Joe would like to see how willing Lucas really is. Lucas guessed correctly, Joe wants him to suck his fat cock, right there in the office! Lucas needs the position so badly, he’s willing to get into a few positions for Joe before he even gets the job! Watch him slobber and slurp on Joe’s swollen, delicious erection. Then you’ll see Joe turn the table to see how well Joe can handle the receiving end. First he’s having a taste of Lucas’s dong, then he’s having Lucas go for a right on the old bone rollercoaster! See Lucas get fucked good by his potential new employer, then check out the juicy load Joe’s been working up for this new guy’s face. Will Lucas get the job?? Stay tuned for the explosive twist ending!Enjoy!

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