Next Door Male – Channing Taylor

Channing Taylor is in between phases, as this future soldier takes an opportunity to enjoy a little R&R before his tour of duty. He begins his tour of booty trapped in the cell, laying on a cot and staring up at the ceiling. Tired of spinning in circles, he begins exercising to try and displace some of his pent up energy, but to no avail, so his next move is to try and expel some of his frustration. Reaching into his issued shorts, he finds his cock hard and uncircumcised, waiting for his touch, as he fingers the head and begins to stroke from top to base. Spreading his legs on the cot, he puts his feet up against the wall and slaps his dick against his stomach before stroking a little harder. Taking his satisfaction into his own hands, he double fists his dick as it spits jizz all over his stomach, then he lies his head back as it drips down the side of his stomach.

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