Men of Montreal – Drilling!

Marko Lebeau just moved into a new place and he’s been busy with all kinds of renos. Ben Rose came in to give him a hand, but it was quickly obvious that Marko, in particular, was more interested in taking a sex break rather than showing Ben how to use a drill.So it didn’t take long for Marko to take the electric drill out of Ben’s hands and get him on his knees. Ben responded by starting to blow our furry cub’s dick. Marko was enjoying the attention his cock was getting. But it wasn’t long before he got Ben to sit up on the carpenter’s table, so the soon to be bottom boy could reciprocate with his own blow job. As he was sucking, Marko gave Ben what he enjoys more than a BJ… having his butthole massaged and poked at. Lubing up his partner’s crack with his spit, Marko then started shoving his finger up the hot channel of darkness.That ass play was only a prelude for the fucking that Ben was about to receive. We all know that Marko is not the tallest of guys, standing at 5’7′, so it was funny to see him step up on a plank of wood to gain better access to Ben’s ass.First in missionary, second doggy style and finally in a standing reverse cowboy position, Ben was getting what he has come to love most… getting a drilling up the ass. We all had a chuckle, when Marko decided to put his carpenter’s glasses on while fucking Ben from behind.As Marko stopped and sat up on the table, Ben got on his knees and returned for a second blow job of his hairy top. Ben knew his place on this day and soon he went back on the ground, laid down on his back and lifted his ass in the air so Marko could pile drive him. When getting fucked, Ben must avoid jerking himself off as he will come too soon. So when you see him staring to jack his boner off, you know he’s heading for climax… So maleable is he, that Ben was almost able to get his cock in his mouth to shoot. Only inches away from his face, he spewed his load on his chest, in his face and mouth. Marko wasn’t long to follow suit and he unloaded a sizeable swath of cum all over Ben’s butt and ass crack.There was no love and kissing at the end of this one for these guys; this was all about having sex and getting their rocks off, taking a break from renos…

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