Men Of Montreal – Initiating Joey – Blow Me!

Joey Bergeron is what you could qualify as one of those not so straight straight guys. This new guy to porn was scheduled to shoot his first scene, a solo, with us when Marko decided to mix things up a bit by having Felix Brazeau show up to service our hunky newcomer. This appeared to be the logical thing to do once Joey told Marko that he was bi-curious. So we decided to feed his curiosity and feed Felix’s hungry mouth. In fact, Joey was down for getting a blow job, and to our surprise, as a newbie, he didn’t just lay there while being initiated to the marvels of guy-on-guy sex. We all know how Felix has become quite the engaged and engaging guy on set. So it wasn’t surprising to see him bring out the smiles, moans and groans from Joey as the newcomer appeared quite comfortable to kiss and touch his partner’s body. We even noticed that his eyes would often linger as he gazed at Felix huge cock. As open as he was for a first time, Joey just wasn’t quite ready to take it one step further by having full blown anal sex. So, we got Felix to administer his talented sucking abilities on Joey’s bone hard uncut dick. After the introductory interview, Marko left and mentioned that he called the hotel reception to get more towels for our newcomer. It was Felix in fact that was at the door knocking as Joey got out of the tub and opened the door sporting a hot boner under his bathrobe.Felix dropped the towels and dropped to his knees to start sucking the smiling Joey. They then took it to the bed,Joey may think it is 6.5 – 7 inches, but it was clear to us that it was hovering more towards the 7.5 – 8 inches. At one point, Felix tried to take it a bit further by fingering Joey’s hole, but Joey smiled and casually steered Felix’s hand away. Felix just continued spitting and sucking on his new buddy’s rock hard dick, and pleaded with Joey to face fuck him. Felix had also prepped the room by bringing with him a couple of toys to fuel Joey’s boner. First a Fleshlight, then a transparent ribbed masturbator, both did well in keeping our newcomer hard as a rock. Felix had fun alternating between the toys and his tongue to keep his partner all smiles. All this cock stimulation finally took its toll on Joey’s cock as he started squirming and squinting and getting close to shooting a load that spread across his abs. Clearly he enjoyed this cock worshiping. Felix followed suit by unloading his own spunk, mixing it with Joey’s when done.After the boys kissed our mechanic took his leave as his work day was only a few hours away… We certainly hope to see this friendly and photogenic dude some more in the future.

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