Club Inferno Dungeon – Long Arm Of The Law (Scene 4)

There’s nothing subtle about Preston Johnson. He’s cut a hole in the ass of his orange jumpsuit and pushed his big bubble butt up against the bars of his cell directly next to Max Cameron. Max takes the bait by sticking his fingers up Preston’s hole, prompting the young inmate to turn around and suck Max’s huge cock right through the bars. Max feeds Preston his thick dick while he fingers his hungry hole. Preston pulls a bag of lube and rubber gloves out from under his bunk and begs Max to shove his hand up his ass. Max greases up and works one hand in, then the other, until he’s massaging Preston’s prostate with both hands. He continues to give Preston a ride on his forearm until it’s time for inspection. Max pulls off the rubber gloves and shoves them entirely up Preston’s sweet hole, until next time.

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