Hot House – Full Release (Scene 4)

The coach has ordered Tucker Vaughn to report to the team’s masseuse Wolfie Blue to relieve stress in his lower back. While exploring Tucker’s back, buttocks and thighs for sensitivity, Wolfie casually slips a finger in the young athlete’s tight hole. Tucker’s moans give him the go ahead to continue to probe his ass which makes his hard cock pop out of his jockstrap. Wolfie gets Tucker on all fours so he can move in and get his tongue deep in-between Tucker’s smooth butt cheeks. All of the rimming has made both studs horny so Wolfie climbs up on the massage table and feeds Tucker his big uncut cock. Tucker sucks Wolfie’s dick until he can’t take it anymore; he wants to be fucked. Wolfie shoves his huge cock in the blond jock’s tight ass and fucks a load out of him then pulls out and jerks his load all over Tucker’s bubble-butt.

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