Men of Montreal – Felix Takes A Pounding

We’ve learned to appreciate the fact that Félix Brazeau loves to bottom. So, it’s just really hot to see him give his ass up to our muscular bodybuilder Ivan Lenko.The scene starts off with Félix showering and Ivan checking him out through wooden blinds that masked the see-through glass wall. Once he slides the blinds away, it is pretty hot to see him try to suck and fuck Félix while the glass wall acts as a barrier to any contact. It didn’t take much time for Félix to step out of the shower, dry up and join Ivan in the bedroom.Félix made his way to the bed with boner in hand and immediately got on his knees and started to suck on Ivan’s stiff cock. We could see that the two were really into each other. Félix was so focused on Ivan’s cock, with some intense sucking action, licking his balls and shoving it as far back in his throat as possible. Ivan’s face made it obvious that he was in heaven. And this action was really getting him all worked up. Ultimately, Félix needed cock up his ass, and Ivan was just too anxious to get his dick in his buddy’s deep ass. So, he got on his knees while Félix bent over the edge of the bed to get a good ass licking. This was the prelude to the real pounding he was aching for. After getting Félix’s hole all lubed up with spit, Ivan got up and pried his way into the begging ass hole. Félix was finally getting what he wanted. After the first round of fucking, Ivan joined Félix on the bed and once again gave his partner a mouth popping blow job. But Ivan wasn’t done fucking. He pushed Félix on his back and then made his return into our 6′ hunk’s tight ass. The fucking got pretty intense and Félix was moaning louder by the second. It was pretty obvious that he was experiencing as much pain as he was pleasure. This was visible when they shifted positions and Félix started riding Ivan’s cock. Every once in a while, Ivan would start pumping fast, provoking Félix into loud moans of pain/pleasure.Ivan was first to shoot his load when Félix lifted his ass off Ivan’s cock and Ivan came on his butt cheeks. Félix then shot his own load on Ivan’s abs. The two were spent, but happy…

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