Club Inferno Dungeon – Long Arm Of The Law Part 2 (Scene 2)

Inmate Byron Saint has been caught by surveillance cameras ‘hiding’ things which prompts officer Marcus Isaacs to demand a full-body cavity search. Saint insists he’s got nothing to hide but that doesn’t stop Isaacs from pulling on the latex gloves and ordering Saint to strip naked. He shoves the lanky prisoner onto the desk with his ass in the air so he can insert his hand and feel around for contraband. The only thing Isaacs discovers is that Saint loves being fisted. The freaky cop forces his entire hand and forearm deep in Saint’s cavernous hole then flips him over so he can see his face while he continues his perverted exploration. Isaacs gets so turned on that he strips out of his uniform and strokes his cock while he fists the prone prisoner. It’s not until Isaacs gets his nut that he releases Saint, but not before shoving a heavy metal ball up his ass to retrieve later.

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