Fetish Force – Byron Saint & Christian Mitchell

The accessories are black: black boots, a black jock strap and black-gloved hands demanding entrance to Christian Mitchell’s hole. Byron Saint is the man on the other end of the black gloves. Christian emits continuous low-pitched growls and gurgles as Byron’s hand inches forward and recedes again. Sometimes the hand is a fist, sometimes it is a flat palm, sometimes it’s five digits angled into a cone. Now two hands: Byron’s palms are pressed together at the entrance to Christian’s hole, sliding in opposite directions. One palm slides in as the other slides out. Tendons along Byron’s forearms stand out as his arm works the hand, now rotating, then plunging. Christian howls as a full fist breaches his hole. The cheeks of his ass glisten with lube. He gets a moment of rest from the ongoing punishment when Byron strips. Now we can see Byron’s long, limber muscles flex and contract as he works on Christian’s ass. Byron’s abs cast parallel shadows onto his torso. He grabs his cock and strokes it while keeping the other hand at work on Christian’s hole. On command, Christian rolls over on his back. His hairy chest and belly roll into view just as high arcs of Byron’s cum fly across his body.

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