Next Door Ebony – Good Tipper

JP Richards is the new bellboy down at the Regalton Charles, an old, swanky downtown hotel where Mick Jagger used to stay when he wanted to relax in luxury and be surrounded by rich history. JP is doing pretty well so far. The only problem is the steady flow of hot guys coming to stay. JP is an old school dick fiend and has trouble refraining from making passes at gorgeous men. When JP delivers food to a room occupied by a guest named Ramsees, JP decides to take a chance.Ramsees regretfully tells JP he has no tip to offer, but JP begs to differ. He goes right in for Ramsees’s cock. To JP’s chagrin, Ramsees allows the blowjob to happen! JP can’t believe the size and girth of Ramsees’s beautiful erection. Ramsees thrusts it back and forth in JP’s mouth, enjoying this busboy’s sweet warmth. Then JP positions himself, without saying much at all, and invites JP to fuck his tight, bellboy ass. Ramsees takes advantage of the presented ass and slides his throbbing dong into the tender hole. Watch these two strangers bang hard in a nice, historic hotel room. You’ll definitely like these accommodations! Enjoy!

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