Bound Jocks – Leo Forte

We gave bound jock Leo Forte a bondage escape challenge… How long will it take him to escape from our hogtie? Being the escape artist that he is – it turns out not very long at all! He turns, twists, and contorts his body until he has loosens every knot and wiggles free. Once free he has something new he wants to try — autoerotic asphyxiation! Done safely and with him in total control, he ties his ankles together, gets up on his knees and uses the remaining rope to wrap around the front of his neck and back down to his ankles. This allows him to control the exact amount of pressure he wants to restrict his air supply as he jacks off. The more he leans forward the less air he gets causing him to have one of the most explosive and mind blowing orgasms he has ever had. Make sure you watch the post-game analysis as well to hear how this felt to him and how he did it safely to give him total self-pleasure! *WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TYPE OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR TO ANYONE — THIS WAS MONITORED AND CREATED AS A FANTASY ONLY. DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE OR AT HOME.

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