Hot House – Get Your Ass In Gear! Part 2 (Scene 1)

Lucas Knight finds Alexander Gustavo on his knees in the center of the arena with his ass in the air so he goes in tongue-first. He eats his teammate’s ass then flips him over to suck his big pierced dick. Lucas makes a total pig out of himself on Alexander’s cock while he strokes on his own massive cock. The sight of the huge monster hanging between Lucas’ legs drives Alexander crazy; he’s got to have the enormous 10-incher in his mouth. He lies back and opens his throat, miraculously allowing Lucas to shove nearly all of his giant dick down his throat. Now that his cock is rock hard, Lucas wants to fuck Alexander’s ass. He slowly eases his horse-cock in Alexander’s tight hole and begins to pummel him hard. The feeling of Alexander’s ass around his cock proves too much for Lucas; he pulls out and blows his load.

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