Fetish Force – Byron Saint & Christian Mitchell

The ‘U’ of Byron Saint’s chin beard echoes the ‘U’ of his spread legs as he watches Christian Mitchell lube his hole. Christian’s black-gloved hands spread more lube around Byron’s balls, butt and thighs — a sort of massage to relax him for what’s to come. Christian asks, ‘Ready for it?’ and gets a nod. In go two fingers. Then four. Byron’s head lolls and he spreads his thighs wider apart. The pace is quiet and relaxed. You can hear — and almost feel — their flesh touch. Christian’s fist sinks entirely and he orders Byron to push it back out. He runs a gloved finger in circles around Byron’s hole and Byron’s rosebud pops into view. Byron orders Christian to ‘Put it back in,’ and he clamps his ass around Christian’s wrist. Byron breathes deeply, sighs with content and tells Christian, ‘Punch fuck my hole.’ With every new impact he sighs and asks for more. His eyes roll back until you can only see the whites. Byron changes position; now he squats onto Christian’s vertical forearm, repeatedly raising and lowering himself. Christian grabs his cock and jacks himself to orgasm.

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