Men of Montreal – Taking Pascal’s Virgin Ass

Marko Lebeau was supposed to welcome both Alec Leduc and Pascal Aubry to the hotel room he booked, but instead decided to get these two studs to meet up by themselves with our crew.In this scene, Pascal has continued on his fast-paced progression from a bi-curious inexperienced man-to-man sex dude to a bi guy willing to explore all aspects of his sexuality. So in this shoot our virgin jock gets his cherry popped by versatile Alec Leduc. It wasn’t so long ago that Alec has his ass cracked for the first time too, so he could relate…As much as Pascal is adventurous, he definitely was nervous at getting his ass fucked for the first time. After his scene, he admitted that the actual fucking was way less of a challenge than he had imagined. So, I guess we can count on this guy playing on both the offensive and defensive lines in the future. Alec & Pascal had never met before this shoot, so both were in the dark as to what they could expect. But, Alec was eager to get going and was looking forward to playing with this dude. He was in the shower when Pascal arrived. Already stroking his cock, he was only too happy to get Pascal on his knees so he could swallow his tool. From there, Alec took Pascal to the bedroom so he could reciprocate with his own masterful cock-sucking talents. Judging by his bone-hard erection, Pascal’s cock seemed rather content to welcome those talented and sensual lips of Alec’s.Things kept getting hotter as Alec instructed Pascal to get on his knees so he could eat out his ass hole. Alec spread those butt cheeks wide and tongued Pascal’s hairy hole like there was no tomorrow! With this, he was definitely prepping Pascal for a good fucking. Our veteran actor made himself reassuring when Pascal appeared hesitant to getting his hole poked. Appeased, Pascal then consented. Alec positioned his stiff dick at Pascal’s back door and although he started slowly, it wasn’t long before he intensified his rhythm. On all fours, Pascal was moaning and looked like his butt was happy to submit to its first ever cock. The guys then went into a spooning position. While we could see Alec’s cock banging in and out of our novice’s hole, the two dudes kissed and moaned, and played with Pascal’s tool.Finally, Pascal got into position for the deepest fuck he could get by riding Alec’s cock rodeo style. We could see that this position was having its effect. Our bottom boy unloaded one hefty charge of spunk all over Alec’s abs and chest. Then, as Alec was gearing up for his cum shot, Pascal surprised us by shoving his face in Alec’s missile range and took a huge load of jizz in his face. He then moved up and kissed Alec. We weren’t expecting this move on his part. But, we were pleased. The weekend we shot this scene, Pascal was the first of two Men of MontrĂ©al to get his cherry popped. Awesome!

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