On Now! Raging Stallion 33% One Week Savings

rs_bb2Hey There Affiliates!

Next week our focus is shifting to RagingStallion.com, with another week of awesome savings that you can pass on to your surfers. Raging Stallion is filled with the hottest men, top quality videos and hard, pounding action plus 7 in sites 1!

Easy sell, right? Well, it’s easier than ever when you add in 33% savings on a monthly membership. This pricing will go into effect on Monday, March 10th through March 16th.

We’ve created all-new banners to promote this event, simply download them HERE and grab your linking codes below.

Simply replace the XXXXXX in the linking code with your unique advertiser id and you’re ready to go!

50% Rev Share Linking Code

$35 PPS Linking Code

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