Club Inferno Dungeon – Butt Stuffers (Scene 1)

After a hard day of practice on the field Seamus O’Reilly and Steven Ponce hit the locker room where the real training begins. O’Reilly kicks back on the changing bench so Ponce can perfect his cock sucking skills on his giant 11′ cock. Like a true dick-pig, Ponce does his best to swallow it all but it’s just too big so he concentrates on O’Reilly’s ass. He orders his ginger-haired teammate on his knees and licks his tight young hole until Seamus begs him to use his fist. Ponce pulls on a rubber glove and shoves his entire hand up his ass; looks like Seamus is no rookie. Ponce pulls on his own red-hot ginger cock while he massages Seamus’ prostate until he can’t edge any longer. He jacks a load all over Seamus’ hi-tops and licks it off, never taking his fist out of his buddy’s hole.

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