Men of Montreal – Begging For More… Harder!

Pascal Aubry was excited about shooting this scene. He had seen FĂ©lix Brazeau in action on the site and was enthralled by Felix’s intensity and sheer passion for a fuck! How could we refuse Pascal’s request to team them up…?They met up in Old Montreal and chatted for a while to get to know one another. It didn’t take them long though to get the formalities out of the way and jump right in. Pascal was first to go down on Felix’s stiff boner as he lapped it up with eagerness. Then it was Felix’s turn to put his cock sucking talents to work. The mood was intense as you could feel the excitement in their faces and on their cocks. This was destined to be a flip flop as both guys wanted to get fucked and to fuck. Felix was the first to get his dick up his partner’s ass. They moved from the windowsill to the bed and Felix prepped Pascal by eagerly tonguing his butt hole and spitting generous amounts of saliva in it. Pascal was tight and Felix had to put a fair bit of effort into piercing his buddy’s rose bud. Persistence did pay off as he got in and began fucking with gusto. It was then Pascal’s turn to get at Felix’s ass. They got into a bit of a spooning position and Pascal got started. Pascal was bone hard, but holding back somewhat and being careful as he was interpreting Felix’s loud moans and groans as a sign of pain. Things changed when Felix shouted out with insistence that Pascal fuck deeper and harder. Pascal did get the tempo going but kept checking Felix’s facial expressions to make sure he wasn’t overdoing it. Felix loves the feeling of riding a cock, so he moved out the spooning position, got Pascal to lie back and then got up and started riding his partner. This did it! Felix was first to shoot an impressive load on Pascal’s stomach. Then, Felix laid back and Pascal let him have his load as it shot across Felix’s face, on his chin and then on his upper chest. Pretty good load! Each dripping in white jizz, they kissed and came down off the high they were on… Sweet!

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