Men of Montreal – My Best Fuck Yet!

We don’t usually start the scene write-up with the final title of a scene. But upon completing his scene, Alec Leduc was happy to tell us that, as a bottom, his pairing with Mario Torrez delivered his best fuck to date!Indeed, when you watch this scene, you understand why. Not only is Mario a hot jock, but he is also one horny fucker packing a pretty hefty cock in those briefs of his. Mario is also one very engaging partner and a masterful top. The guys were both lounging in the loft the day we shot this, Alec was relaxing in a deep bottom bathtub, looking through the glass wall at Mario who was chillin’ on the living room chesterfield. With eyes closed, the guys were deep in thought and rest, only interrupted when they gazed over at each other, cracking lascivious smiles to each other and stroking what where growing boners in their hands. Soon, Alec got up and stood naked, wet and bone hard while watching Mario, fly open and massaging his huge and stiff cock. Mario hailed Alec over to join him in the living room. Alec arrived and as he was coming in close to his partner, Mario instructed him to settle on the other end of the couch. Mario wanted to watch him stroke his dick, finger his butthole, prior to getting up and moving on Alec’s ass to give him a rim job.Alec was enjoying the flickering tongue on his ass crack. After getting him all lubed up, Mario stood up and began teasing his soon to be bottom with his 8′ uncut piece of meat, having it press against Alec’s ass hole. It was now time to plunge his cock into his boy’s ass hole. Alec was squirming and pulling his partner deeper into his ass. From a doggy style position, Mario got Alec to lie down on his stomach and he kept plowing his ass while laying on top of his partner. Hot! As Mario pulled out, Alec voiced his desire to suck on Mario’s tool, which he did with heated passion. Mario was moaning with pleasure as Alec’s saliva was dripping down off of our top dude’s hard dick. Mario wanted to fuck some more and Alec wanted his cock back inside his hole. So they got in a reverse cowboy position and got going again.For the finale, Alec laid down on his back so Mario could fill his hole again while leaning into him. Alec was getting pretty hot and bothered and his climax was not far off. While Mario kept up the in out pumping action, Alec let out another huge load all over his chest and abs. Mario pulled out and bone hard as he was, let loose his own geyser of jizz all over his partner.Mario leaned in for a kiss. As he was pulling back, Alec pulled him back in and wanted to lock lips with him some more. As we wrapped things up, Alec blurted out that this was the best fuck yet for him… Needless to say, Mario and we were happy that he was all smiles.

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