Circle Jerk Boys – Rumor Has It

Shane is relaxing on his bed texting with a buddy who says he saw Coach being fucked by Shane’s roommate Bobby. Shane becomes very nervous that his roommate might be gay and he’s been living with him for months. Bobby walks into the room unknowing of what has conspired. Bobby sees that Shane is acting weird around him so he confronts him on why he is bothered. Shane breaks it to him and at first Bobby denies it but then he caves in and admits that he is gay. Shane only wanted the truth and Bobby moves closer to him telling him ‘it’s ok, we can still be friends’ – but Shane backs away as he gets closer and closer. Eventually Bobby moves in for the kiss and Shane rolls with it. Soon enough Bobby is showing him how he fucked and sucked Coach in all his glory. Now these roommates can have fun in and out of the bedroom. Enjoy!

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