Men of Montreal – Rough or Not Rough: That Is The Question!

Mario Torrez had been through an intense few days of work prior to shooting, so he felt a bit more laid back than usual. For his part, Mickelo Evans is always eager and engaging. Watching a movie, Mario was sporting a pretty slutty pair of jeans and was going commando, which made access to his jewels far easier than one would expect. We know he has a huge sexual appetite and he’s consistently ready for action.Mario admitted to having a bit of a rough streak. Mickelo was definitely not going to let himself be upstaged in this regard and volunteered that he can take it rough. So, that was Mario’s cue to push Mickelo’s head into his barely concealed crotch. It wasn’t long for Mickelo to gain access and suck on Mario sizable cock. Mario was sitting with his eyes closed and head tilted back, moaning slowly as Mickelo was doing his handy work.Once they stripped off their tops and Mario’s torn up jeans, our power top took to Mickelo’s belt buckle and zipper, and plunged onto his partner’s anxious dick. Once Mickelo was all revved up, Mario pulled out a dildo to prep his partner’s ass. He skilfully maneuvered the 8′ piece of silicone into his bottom boy’s ass, sending it all the way in. Although Mickelo was enjoying this forceful aggression, Mario knew very well that nothing could replace his warm, uncut and pulsating 8 incher.Mario was pounding so hard that the couch had completely changed position. And, before it plunged down the set a few inches away, they paused and shifted the piece of furniture back into place. First doggy style, then missionary, Mario was shoving his dick into a happy Mickelo’s butt hole.As the action was heating up, the boys decided to hit the shower. There they sucked each other some more and Mario resumed fucking and got Mickelo to pop his load on the bathroom floor. Mickelo then got on his knees to suck and jack off his partner until he unloaded a charge of white spunk on Mickelo’s hairy chest.By all accounts, this wasn’t the roughest romp we’ve seen, but hot it was. We’ve got to see how far Mario can take it when it comes to dominating his partner. Maybe he’s more of a lover than a fighter, but we will definitely push all the buttons to see.

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